Posted by: ewepatty | June 27, 2008

I’m moving…again.

But this time I’m just moving my blog.  WordPress frustrates me, so I decided to move on to even greener pastures!!

Here’s my new blog home:

Come visit me SOON!!!!

Posted by: ewepatty | June 18, 2008

Bath or shower

Last night before giving the grandchildren baths, the subject came up as to the age children should quit taking baths and start taking showers. I was sort of surprised that some people thought there was an age limit on baths.


I have never done a poll before and since I am leaving to fly in the sky with my dear dil I thought I would give my blogging friends something to think about.


Deep thoughts. Well deep if you take baths!


Tell me what you think in my comments.

Posted by: ewepatty | June 16, 2008

Don’t Push that Button

button from free

It’s a good thing I don’t work for the military and have the job of pushing a certain button that could destroy the world. Since I am Blog illiterate I keep making mistakes. I have finally found out the difference between a page and a post. I had several posts that ended up being pages. I worked and worked on getting them changed and wasn’t able to. Well yesterday I found out how. I was so excited that I just pushed the delete button. I forgot to copy it to a post. Bye Bye it’s in blog space. I hope those of you who read IKEA revisited enjoyed it cause it is no more. One of my best posts. FYI if you quickly press ctrolz you can retrieve you deleted stuff so they say. I must not have been quick enough.

Posted by: ewepatty | June 14, 2008

I’m not from Venus


Its been one of those hormonal days. I have some of those sometimes. I am having a conversation with dear husband about something that had happened over the course of the day. Well not really a conversation on my part. I really didn’t want him to say anything.

I should of told him I was sharing and not wanting feedback. Well he gave feedback and I didn’t like it. So I quit listening and we both quit talking, it was a long hour trip home.

I got my hair cut and came home and he said it looked different. Not what I wanted to hear, nice, lovely, ravishing not different. Than we went out to a movie and got a bite to eat. I mentioned maybe I should have had my hair cut shorter. He says you can go tomorrow or Monday and have her do it. This from a man who doesn’t like short hair.

He was wanting to help me with a problem. I heard, you did it wrong here’s what you do.

When he noticed that I had my hair done and said it looks different, he thought it was a compliment. I heard, looks like a cut from Mars.

When he agreed with me about getting my hair cut shorter, I heard your hair looks bad.

On days like this I need a sign that says. Don’t say anything, whatever you do or say will be held against you.

Posted by: ewepatty | June 13, 2008

Three Letter Word


Posted by: ewepatty | June 10, 2008

Last day of freedom

Today is the last day of my quiet time. So I have to get all the stuff I wanted to get done started and finished in the next three hours. First on my list ,paint the inside of house. Second get my wall border up. Third take a nap for a few hours.

Since the painting and border may take a little more than three hours I think I need to choose between the three. I choose nap. That goes along with quiet time anyway.

Early this morning it was back out to the berry fields. Becca called and said she had picked berries were she lived and they were 3.00. The field near us is only 99cents and it’s organic.

Someone has said that I may have some compulsive obsessive traits in me. Hum maybe so. I can’t let those berries stay in the field when they only cost 99cents and someone else is paying more. I took Megan my niece to help. We were the only ones out so I was able to pick all I wanted. It was really hard to leave those little lovelies there. They were all crying out to me to pick them and take them home.

I also took a trip to an Amish store about 19 miles from here. It was a great drive just me and the radio. It is so nice to be able to turn the volume up all the way and sing along with no one else near you. You know sometimes you feel like you are singing as well as the person on the radio. What I really wanted to do was go out into the rolling hills and dance. I must be getting old.

Posted by: ewepatty | June 8, 2008

attached parenting

I have heard of attached parenting but in my case it maybe taken to far. After church this morning I decided to go to Lowes and check it out, after all the air conditioner at home is out. Than I stopped at Burger King. Since I am still having quiet time I thought I would splurge.

After getting home, I took Missy my MIL’s dog over to her house for awhile. You see I am not completely alone, I am dog sitting to. I have been enjoying her home cause she has cable. HGTV twenty four hours a day if you want it. She also has a cooler house. So I spent some time over there.

On returning home I see that I have several messages on the phone. One from a frantic daughter, two from a frantic daughter, three from a sorta frantic daughter in Law one from a concerned brother in Law.

It seems daughter number one has called to check on me and a strange man answers the phone and tells her she has the wrong number. She had speed dial and she knew that it was my number.

She called again no answer. I must have been at Lowes at this time. A call to sister in law who lives down the street brings her husband to check on me. I must be at Burger King at this time. He checks for car and sees none. He reports back that car is gone. Sister in Law suggest she call over at mother in laws house. That was a good idea except I had not arrived there yet. Then she called over there again and I was outside watering plants .

Daughter than calls daughter in Law to see if my son thinks she should worry. Son isn’t worried but daughter in Law is. First daughter calls second daughter to see if I might have traveled to her house, she tells daughter one that I wouldn’t be on my way to her home cause I hadn’t called for directions to her house.

I had in fact thought about taking off and seeing if I could find her house and surprise them after church. Hey I got mapquest girls.

I call daughter one and she tells me about her concern. I than go check my closets and under the bed. No man.

Its good to be loved.

Posted by: ewepatty | June 8, 2008

Having quiet time

When you were young many times an adult would say to you, Let’s have quiet time. It was something most children hated to hear. Well this week, I got my chance to have a quiet time and I didn’t fight it. The grandchildren all went home. My dear Husband went with his parents to Oklahoma and I got to have quiet time. I have been able to do some things I wouldn’t have been able to do.

I got up early Thursday morning to go pick strawberries. I was afraid with all the heat that the berries would turn to mush. Off I went with my hat and water bottle in tow. You would think that 13 pounds of berries would have been enough from the field trip with the lambs. No I had to be greedy. All I could think of was all those berries going to waste in the field and it was my mission to rescue them. On my hands and knees looking like some kind of idiot I picked. All the other people were bending over, picking the juicy red berries, but I was making sure I found the best and juiciest. The only way to do that is up close and personal. Ok I wasn’t able to get up for a while.

I brought 10lbs home and proceeded to process them. Had no idea what to do with them. The Internet is so wonderful. Told me just what to do. After 15 containers in the freezer I felt like the strawberry freezer queen.

Posted by: ewepatty | June 2, 2008

Yum Yum Good

The berries were Yum. All ate samples. Marme guarded the green berries. Seems Karist and Ellie liked the color green instead of red. Karist would go a few feet,sit down, eat a berry and move on.

Ellie loved them too.

Posted by: ewepatty | June 2, 2008

Field Hands

We found a strawberry field not far from our home. The kids were packed into the cars and off we went.  It was amazing how fast these field-hands picked two  crates of berries.

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