Posted by: ewepatty | June 8, 2008

attached parenting

I have heard of attached parenting but in my case it maybe taken to far. After church this morning I decided to go to Lowes and check it out, after all the air conditioner at home is out. Than I stopped at Burger King. Since I am still having quiet time I thought I would splurge.

After getting home, I took Missy my MIL’s dog over to her house for awhile. You see I am not completely alone, I am dog sitting to. I have been enjoying her home cause she has cable. HGTV twenty four hours a day if you want it. She also has a cooler house. So I spent some time over there.

On returning home I see that I have several messages on the phone. One from a frantic daughter, two from a frantic daughter, three from a sorta frantic daughter in Law one from a concerned brother in Law.

It seems daughter number one has called to check on me and a strange man answers the phone and tells her she has the wrong number. She had speed dial and she knew that it was my number.

She called again no answer. I must have been at Lowes at this time. A call to sister in law who lives down the street brings her husband to check on me. I must be at Burger King at this time. He checks for car and sees none. He reports back that car is gone. Sister in Law suggest she call over at mother in laws house. That was a good idea except I had not arrived there yet. Then she called over there again and I was outside watering plants .

Daughter than calls daughter in Law to see if my son thinks she should worry. Son isn’t worried but daughter in Law is. First daughter calls second daughter to see if I might have traveled to her house, she tells daughter one that I wouldn’t be on my way to her home cause I hadn’t called for directions to her house.

I had in fact thought about taking off and seeing if I could find her house and surprise them after church. Hey I got mapquest girls.

I call daughter one and she tells me about her concern. I than go check my closets and under the bed. No man.

Its good to be loved.


  1. that is a great post- how did you keep it all straight? Nice to know they worry isn’t it?

  2. What is quiet time like? I would love to have someof that.

    Enjoy the berries


  3. Yes, you ARE well loved! I’m glad that mystery dude didn’t get you!!

  4. Hey at least we did not call the police and give them some story about a man murdering a women at you address. You could have come home to a SWAT team invasion…. like that could ever happen.

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