Posted by: ewepatty | June 18, 2008

Bath or shower

Last night before giving the grandchildren baths, the subject came up as to the age children should quit taking baths and start taking showers. I was sort of surprised that some people thought there was an age limit on baths.


I have never done a poll before and since I am leaving to fly in the sky with my dear dil I thought I would give my blogging friends something to think about.


Deep thoughts. Well deep if you take baths!


Tell me what you think in my comments.


  1. Baths are great. Showers are good when your in a hurry or just don’t feel like a good soak. Let em bathe.

  2. I agree. Why not take a bath? Baths are relaxing. Baths are wonderful. Baths, are better than showers.

  3. I think if you (or your kid) wants to take a bath – take ’em! If you like shower’s go for it! There are too many other things in life to worry about or fuss over, getting clean should not be one of them! : ) To each his/her own!

  4. Well, I just had the best bubble bath ever, so you know my vote!

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