Posted by: ewepatty | June 2, 2008

I did it again

I put my post on a new page sorry go to a Ikea revisited to read about our adventure. Some day I will learn to watch   what I am doing. It could be the seven little lambs all going their own way around here. This marme sheep needs a cool place to go.

Posted by: ewepatty | May 27, 2008


I have a few obsessions, well two, one is Creeping Charlie. I feel a need to pull it up wherever I see it. Some people in my family are a bit embarrassed over this. I have been known to bend over and just start pulling the stuff out of the yard. Sometimes the yard isn’t mine.

The other is auctions. I love them. I love to watch other people spend way to much on something. I sit back smugly and think what dummies. Than the obsession hits. The red bench I have been searching for, it’s sitting in the corner waiting for me to bid on it and take it home. Now this isn’t just any bench, its one I have been wanting for the last several years. It is calling out to me. I only buy things that call out to me.

Dear Hubby looks at me like I am crazy. He doesn’t hear it calling out to me. He says I can make you one, than asks what my top bid will be, “what are you willing to pay?” I tell him 20.00 thinking that is high, but I am willing to pay it. The bidding starts. I have been waiting three hours for this bench. I had no idea that the stupid bench was calling out to three other people.

I noticed dear hubby walked away, after it got to 45.00 I walked away. Annoyed at husband for not staying at my side to comfort me in my loss, I ask him why he walked away. He looks at me and says why did you go past your 20.00 bid? I hadn’t noticed that I had gone up to almost 40 for the thing. That bench was trying to possess me.

At the next auction, I will not let the item I want possess me, I will keep my control. I will possess it.

Posted by: ewepatty | May 22, 2008

They say a picture is worth a thousand words

Posted by: ewepatty | May 18, 2008

What’s that smell in Marme’s room?

A really nice smell is coming down the hall, I follow it to my bedroom door which is shut. Hearing noise I open it. Ellie looks at me with really big eyes and runs out of the room. She is smelling really nice as she runs.

Karist is holding the phone talking with who knows. Karist wasn’t smelling as good as Ellie. Ellie had found my Cinnamon spray and used half on her head and the other half somewhere on the carpet.

Karist is being changed, because she doesn’t smell so good, when an ant is spotted moving a piece of poop. Ok its not from Karist. Ellie has run away for two reasons, she smells to good and she’s left her markings on Marme’s carpet. I am getting to old for this.

Posted by: ewepatty | May 14, 2008

Bad Bad Marme

I have always had problems with mothers letting children watch to much media stuff. I felt that a mother could keep the children occupied with other things more intellectual. After all isn’t that what I did.

Well this grandma has repented. After several days with the lambs, sometimes the only way to get dinner started, make the beds, just get a little rest, is to stick a movie in and watch the ever moving lambs stop and watch. After watching 12 Dancing Princesses for the fourth time its time to go get another flick.

Posted by: ewepatty | May 6, 2008

Two houses sold one more to go

This last weekend was busy. My niece and I went to Beccas’ home to help her get it ready to put on the market. We were awesome. I think we could have put the Extreme Makeover team to shame. We had three days to get it ready.

Deep cleaning, painting, chasing children, putting curtains up, shopping for decorative items, answering questions from children, shopping for things we forgot, the last time we went shopping, chasing children, all done in unorderly fashion.

Everyone worked even the little princess.

Posted by: ewepatty | May 6, 2008

The sheep are going into hiding.

When the little lambs went to visit grandma Sugar Crumb, the sheep were able to come out of hiding. You see, little hands love to touch them. One of them I can’t replace. So in order not to have to replace a grandchild, I thought it best to put the sheep in hiding. In a few days they will go back into hiding. The little lambs are on the way back to our home.

Posted by: ewepatty | April 29, 2008

A House of Peace

What is a house of Peace? A dictionary definition of peaceful is undisturbed by strife, turmoil or disagreements, calm, quiet or tranquil. My first thought is, that in a peaceful home

  • no lifeforms breath
  • no lifeforms replicate

That’s another planet. Back to the real world. It is said that you can create a peaceful environment by lighting candles. A friend of mine did just that and her husband wanted to know if the power was off.

Putting quiet music on is said to help, until the kids come in and ask why you listen to that weird stuff.

The smell of comfort food, until you have to do the dishes.

The sound of running water, does that include the toilet, and clothes washer?

Sometimes we do all these activities to make our homes more peaceful. We forget to ask each morning for the attitude of peace that God can give us even when there is strife, turmoil or disagreement in our homes. When we have His Peace people that matter will over look the clutter.

Posted by: ewepatty | April 28, 2008

Eyes wide open

Not long ago, I was looking out of a plane window to the land below. Tears came to my eyes as I was thinking of my brother Jimmy who was fighting bone cancer. I had just left him in what would be my last visit with him. My thoughts were that he would never see the ground from this high, silly thoughts. When I got home life changed for me. I looked at the sky for longer periods of time. Noticed the stars in the darkness. I noticed the worms in the soil while working in the garden. I noticed the different greens of the trees. Before, the sky held no wonder, dirt was dirt, and there was only one color of trees. One day it it hit me, I was seeing the world for Jimmy.

Posted by: ewepatty | April 28, 2008

A message from afar

Its been more than a month now since the move to different pastures. I am now just beginning to be able to look back without crying. I miss my friends, church and workplace. I miss the dream home that we had just bought. But God had other plans..

Before I left work the children all wrote cards and gave me going away gifts. It was a emotional time for me. I was moving boxes around today and found the cards. Feeling a little sorry for myself, I read thru them. This was the message I got today.

You were the best of the best

You did your job here

Now you go do it,

Somewhere else

From the mouths of babes. So I am going to buck up, listen to this child and do my job here.

I am going to learn my address and phone number. It’s getting a little embarrassing to have to call up my mother in law to find out what my address and phone number is. Oh I just found out it’s on my drivers license. Duh. Still need to learn it. So when I get lost wondering the hills around here I can call home, to find my way back.

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